Friday, July 20, 2007

Good Day After all!

Well I took care of Mom & got the lock's professionally installed & her doors re-aligned & all keyed for 1 key...I feel alot better about her safety now at home. Or as good as it can get with her living in another town 4 hours away!
Reg came home early...YYYEEEAAAHHH & we actually caught an hour nap. Then he washed my 4 runner aka Rocky & his Jeep(how nice to have a clean, sparkeling car).I took care of all the 'Babies' & tucked 'em all in & then Reg and I decided to have grilled Salmon, a BIG salad & wild rice for Supper & now we are unwinding & laughing at King of Queens(reruns of course); we have a special spot in our hearts for the Father part that Jerry Stiller plays because when my Dad is here it's just that! Except of course he stays in a fully furnished 1100sq ft guest house w/kitchen & not a basement!!! But it is just so much fun just to be able to have a gut wrenching laugh at all the Parallels. I think I have always been their 'Rock' even though I'm the baby. And Reg is so AWESOME I just want to go Hug him....Think I will.
Sweet Dreams to all.

My Mom's Break-in!

My Mom calls yesterday about 4:00PM( it was her day off;yep she is 73 & still working Full-time!). She lives at the NC coast & moved there to get to the Beach & quality of life. Well she never gets to really enjoy it because she works FT & does yard work & lives alone. Anyway , at first she walks in from a brief trip out to find her house all messed up & a tire iron on her bedroom dresser & the back door was wide open!! At first before she saw the tire iron & open door she thought the cats had had a 'knock down drag-out'. Anyway all her jewelry is gone including 3 St Croix bracelets from Sonya,Ltd & jewelry that my Grandma had left her and one of her cats was gone! After I calmed her down she called the Police (Ha!)& they take the tire iron for evidence (joke)! Now I hate to say this but this has always been one of the 'last bastions' of what we consider a more laid back,untouched,more old timey beach & a very innocent middle class populous overall . Well all the recent construction & upgrading (everyone has to have at least 4 or 5 bathrooms now???) it has brought in a lot of 'illegals' that no one does anything about but 'politicize' ! They say they don't have 'jail space' for them!!!!Who wants them in jail for gosh sakes?? Put them on a bus,train,plane & send them back to the country that they belong in!
Now anyone that is here legally, more power to them(My Sister in law came from Davo,Phillipines 4yrs ago,legally) ! but I am sick to death of all the excuses & rise in crime.My Mom is devasted but I told her I will call & take care of having heavy duty,key only dead bolt's installed & also this is the 1st time she hasn't had a Dog in yrs, so a Dog is in her future, along w/fencing her backyard(small thank God) for the Dog.
Off to call the Locksmith!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blame Placement!

Okay, I'm finally back after months of cleaning 'Crap' out of house & making runs to Goodwill. And although I'm only about half way through ;you collect alot of stuff when you don't move for 19yrs although I have been told that if I don't have it you don't need it ! Bring your own now because I may not have it now:)!! Anyhow I am for a lack of a better term quite the 'clothes whore' & I mean nice stuff & we live in a house built in 1974 with barely any closet space so I have back bedroom that has become totally unusable because it is piled high & deep in clothes.....I am so sick of it...AAAHHHH!! As Reg always says I brought every piece through the back door;scary thought because it's alot harder taking it out!
Now I would like to give everyone a taste of our Maroon Bellied Conure, Boscoe's sense of humour & intelligence. What really makes this funny is that Reg has a thing he does that somone else always 'did it' even if they haven't been here for weeks!!!I was cleaning Boscoe's cage & He has a ton of toys . One of his favorite is actually I think a cat toy, it is a little yellow ball w/a bell in it and it is perforated so he can throw it around ;big fun for a Parrot I guess :) !! Well I was cleaning his cage & took the ball out so I could change his paper & I put it on top of his cage while I was working ,he proceeds to climb up & toss it off into the nearby garbage can while I had my back turned. I jokingly said "who threw this in the garbage? " He says very promptly "Millie did it",I almost fell over laughing because it sounded just like Reg! And by the way Millie is the cat!He can just come up with one liners like that & he actually knows when to apply them; just ask Reg what Boscoe does when a 'Victoria Secret' Commercial comes on TV!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Blog Tease"???

Well I never???!!!
Someone, who shall currently remain nameless has, I have been informed, called me a 'Blog Tease'(behind my back,no less) because I have not Posted in several days !!! A)They do even have a Blog , B) Their Husband's Ass muscle's are sore , C) They had a Birthday yesterday(Happy Birthday!!!!,SIL), & D)Nahhh-nah,nah,nah,boo-boo(I'm really doing that face where I stick my tough out & make that totally 'childish' noise)LOL.
Okay, now that ,that little tirade is over, I just feel oh,ever so much better :)!
I have been sooo dawg-gone busy this week because while Reg was out of town , I low & behold decide to undertake the arduous task of going through all the 'stuff ' from the old RV kitchen(which seems to be everything)& washing/sorting to put in the brand new, shiny RV . And in the midst of that I start re-arranging the 'still in limbo' but newly(kinda) re-done Laundry area & moving the wall of Free-standing Pantry's from the in-between kitchen/laundry area,which of course have to be emptied....okay you all see where this going,right??? Talk about ADD?? I should be the 'Poster Adult' for it! Anyway ,I'm also running basically a 'zoo kitchen' now since I'm having to cook all my own dog food(thanks dog food industry),because we lost our dog ' Galaxy' in a previous 2005 Diamond Dog food(1st ever & only bag I had bought) poisoning & did liver damage to my other Border Collie,Peaches. So,needless to say I am a tad bit paranoid since every can of 'Nutro' dog food I still had left in the pantry was a 'recall #' w/the newest Menu food debacle ....see there I go...on another 'thread'...."reel it back in" as My cousin DeeDee(short for Dianne) says (she has it too)!!Okay, so by now my kitchen,Dining Room,& Living Room involved....let's just say I have a well stocked pantry, & that everyone should pack-up & head to 'Maw-maw's' in case of 'Thunder Dome" LOL!!!! In fact ya'll just come anytime,ya hear?? I make the best buttermilk biscuit ever was....hey, my Grandma Margie gave me the handmade wood 'family biscuit bowl' before she died because she said I made the best biscuit in the family & that she didn't have anything else she would think I would want;just you Grandma,I miss you sooo much,& yes I have the 'knowing' as you called it,you left me that too.
Oh lord,now I've gone off & made myself weepy.
Plus, I had to take the 2 enormous garbage cans down the long,winding partially gravel Driveway , plus I had dumped a ton of old catalogs,magazines,etc which made it an extra heavy load to roll. And me being all of 108lbs I either push or drag the container's ;so,I can either possibly get run over or drug down the the DW by said container's , because I ain't lettin' go know matter(my stubborn streak)what;it has happened before,plus it was raining to boot! And w/all this I have Border Collie's wanting to be fed,thrown Frisbee's & ball's to & have to keep an side eye on the 2 Herder's of the Horse's to make sure there are no problems.....and on top of all this my regular chore's,& I had to go to the Dentist & see 'my' Patti for a cleaning(clean check-up :)) ,& of course have my Hair done w/ 'my' Ashlee! I broke down & started eating the 'Dog Food' for Supper whilst 'plating' theirs ; it was either that or starve !!So Reg calls Thursday from LAX to have me check & see if there were any delays on his connection in Chicago(I worked 13yrs for a now 'defunct' major Airline,so He thinks I can figure stuff out,beyond the basics; & I can) & there was a Mandatory Crew delay 'cause of FAA required layovers 'tween shifts for Pilot's & FA's 4 safety,but only 'bout 30minutes. Of course I went off on a tirade about why didn't they put him on the Non-Stop that would have gotten in 5 hours earlier & was boarding @ the same time his was...."I don't know" was his response...AAAAHHHH!!!!! Then I said "be real careful",duhhh,like he's going to be flying the plane! Why do we say stuff like that? Then I warned him about the impending 'disaster' @ home & not to freak out that I had a "plan"...hahaha...Reg said, "see you @ 1:30am,Love you,can't wait to get home".Mayhem ensued upon his arrival,w/BC's all fighting to be 1st to get to their Daddy & all was right w/our world!
Saturday, I had good intentions in the Morning then collapsed mid-day to try to re-gain energy & momentum ; what a week!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

'The Secret' is Out!

I have very,very fine,naturaly Curly hair ! I have fought it for years on my own with various huge curlers,heat curlers,hair dryer's,etc. But about 1 1/2 years ago I 'found' my hairdresser & now a great friend,Ashley. At first it was just cuts,highlights,& drying once every few months. But I for some reason(everyone says I'm lucky) I only have to wash & 'do' my hair once a week!! And so I asked Ashley, if she would mind washing & doing my hair every week so it would always look good & because my hair is also Long, Thick ! It causes me to get VERY hot;especially in Summer while blowing it dry & Reggie knows not to come near the bathroom or I literally 'growl' at him;I'm usually a very sweet person : )!! Anyhow my long,blonde,obnoxious hair is now Wonderful & pretty much, always looks good. The main problem I have with this though is,how many of you remember your Grandmother's or Mother's having their 'Blue Hair' or 'Jet Black Hair ' done every week,back when??? My hair is completely soft & touchable but, I kinda feel like My Gandma Margie or Grandma Podlasinski w/the little blue,gray curls, in my mind.AAhhh,My mind can be be a demeaning place sometime!
The good news is though I found out that almost everybody I talk to walking around w/perfectly straight locks is also a 'Closet Curly'....misery loves company, as they say.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My First Post

Okay , I finally have done it! I have joined the 'Blog world' at last, after much prodding from my DH,Reg.Alright now what do I say?? Oh my gosh the pressure not to BORE everyone to death;I'll do my best!

It is so windy here today and we're supposed to have a 'Huge' Scaley Bark Hickory tree(they are pretty rare,I understand from the Arborist) taken down today;I'm afraid because the last time we had trees taken down(no wind involved) we had just had a new roof & gutters/downspout installed & low & behold one fell on the House(Ka-Boom)! I also hate doing this because the tree is beautiful & has a lot of Memories.Of course We have 8 1/2 acres of almost all Hardwoods so I guess this is a little silly,huh?But Reg had a 'Hissy Fit' (ugly,ugly,ugly) though while parking the new 5th wheel because of this particular tree, so I guess not to experiance THAT again, it will be worth it : ) !